DALE FIELDER: "Consensus"

New CD by Dale Fielder Quartet with Rita Edmond

DFQ at Consensus CD Release Performance @ Alvas Showroom 6.8.19


A Listener's Review

The scope of a group’s excellence is often determined by not the strongest, but the weakest link; I am happy to report that this recent recording by Dale Fielder, "Consensus", is void of any weak links! Wow! Recording a live album can often shift the mindset of a musician, concentrating more on the recording aspect and less on the joys and inspirations of playing live. Inspiration is in full swing on this recording, a feeling that is felt by all the fantastic musicians that have conglomerated to create this permanent artifact. Dale Fielder’s baritone saxophone, a favorite instrument of mine, sounds robust, with runs that would make Pepper Adams smile; but it’s not all flash; he knows how to step back when laying down some chromatic downpours behind stellar vocalist, Rita Edmond. Jane Getz, who is dangerously under-sung in the jazz world, plays the piano with the deftness of a butterfly but the tenacity of an eagle. Becoming technically brilliant while retaining an emotional connection is a very rare combination, and Jane Getz has it in spades. Bassist Bill Markus is the perfect foil for Edmond, Getz, and Fielder for in addition to the timekeeping duties his tone and choice of notes bridges the tonal and timbre gaps between them all. The recording itself does a great job on capturing his tone as well, something that is often lacking in live recordings, but not here! Thomas White reigns at the drum throne and is always a pleasure to hear, no matter what setting. Whether soloing or comping he can always be trusted to give the music the perfect canvas on which to unfold, and once again, the recording does the drums justice without being all ride sizzle or bass drum. You may notice a lack of biographical information or call-outs on specific tunes-there is a reason for this. First, biographical information can be found easily online, and secondly, if you want to know about the person LISTEN TO THE MUSIC THEY CREATE. "Consensus" is a flat out, great album; -a joy to the ear and a salve to the heart. I give no hesitations in recommending this great recording!

-Joseph Dorsch, Bangor PA